Friday, April 24, 2009

Starbucks stamp cards

So recently i went to starbucks again guess what? I got the new stamp card =) this new stamp card that they are having now is so much better than the previous one. last time the only option was to collect 7 stamps and receive a tall sized beverage from starbucks for free. This time they have 12 spots to stamp on. When u collect all 12 you are entitled to get a free starbucks merchandise with this new option the previous option is still available with the 7 stamps and tall beverage. I love these stamp cards. They are a good way of keeping customers and making them come back everytime and in the end we get a free beverage. not bad right? =)

anyways here is the card


  1. Nice....i think your blog should tell us more about the food in starbucks. we always heard about the drinks but people seldom talk about their food. I heard their cake quite nice. hope you can tell us more about their food.

  2. and i found out your blog dun have any title in your post, maybe you add some title may be better to attract readers attention

  3. ya its a good strategy for not lose their customer.....heya if can jus tell us more about their cakes