Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cakes and stuff...

Now besides coffee, Starbucks is also famous for their delicious cakes. they have a variety of cakes available for their customers like the marble cheesecake, the rocky road and many others, they also sell sandwiches, muffins and also an assortment of different buns. my favorite among these is the rocky road and marble cheese cakes. they are simply DELICIOUS!!!! the rocky road is rich in chocolate and topped with two tiny marshmellows on top..yummy!!. the marble cheese cake on the other hand is topped with a thick layer of cheese and below it is fudge, both cakes are priced at 8.80 per piece. isn't it worth it? wow imagine the taste, the deliciousness... the softness of the cakes and the chocolate that will melt in your mouth when you eat it...i really love the cakes!! =) and i will definitely find a time to eat them again...

the cakes and breads

Starbucks Marble Cheesecake

Starbucks Rocky Road

Yummy~~~ =)

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  1. i'd try the cakes before its good.
    other than that u shud try the muffin and also the sandwiches.
    it also very nice