Thursday, April 30, 2009

Starbucks Wifi Service

Ok one other thing about Starbucks i forgot to mention earlier is another way they attract their customers-Wifi service =). Everytime you walk into a starbucks outlet, other than coffee and cakes what else do you see? laptops! of course! This is one of the major reasons people go to starbucks besides their delicious coffee and cakes. Students, business people, professionals, and many others love to bring their laptops to starbucks to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience with their work, while working, they can order a cup of hot, delicious coffee and their working experience will be much, much better compared to working at home =). They can also make use of the wifi service that starbucks provide for free to surf the web, for conference calls, social networking and many other things including fun stuff like online gaming and youtube streaming. Nowadays, students especially, their favourite hang out or place to have meetings would be none other than starbucks, because they can not only have fun, but also get their assignments done. All in all, a wonderful place for work, and fun =)


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