Friday, March 20, 2009

The ever welcoming and comfortable Starbucks

From what I experienced every time I visit Starbucks coffee houses, other than the comfortable environment and delicious coffee, another thing I love about Starbucks is their ever friendly, efficient and sociable staff. They are very polite, friendly, and welcoming; they would greet you when you step in the coffee house and they would ask you politely what your order would be for the day, besides that if you are still deciding, they would just wait patiently until you have made up your mind. I find these qualities rare in other places, very, very rare. I think that this is a quality that is unique for Starbucks, this is a very good way to get customers to keep on coming over n over again, and customers will feel welcome, warm, and comfortable. This quality of Starbucks can be found in every Starbucks coffee house. That day I decided to head to Starbucks in Dataran Pahlawan shopping complex in Malacca and it was the same there, the staffs were very friendly, entertaining and welcoming. I totally enjoy my visits to Starbucks coffee houses. =)

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