Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Ever famous Starbucks...

Today, all around the world, we can see uncountable coffee houses around, but few have really made it to the top with satisfying, good roasted coffee. We have a few well known coffee houses that we see daily, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jean's Coffee, and many more. Of all of these famous coffee houses, only one, stands tall and firm among them, Starbucks...with their comfortable atmosphere and staff, and of course their cozy plush seats that causes consumers to want to stay there with their coffee a little longer, and finally...their ever famous coffees which makes people come back and back again for more...

The reason i chose starbucks is because of so many companies, i can really see starbucks rise to stardom in a really effective way, from their ideas to their marketing plan and strategy, i get very inspired by them. This is why i chose Starbucks as my product. Thank You...


  1. coffee-addict,me
    wish u further introduce more about starbucks^^

  2. oh..your picture make me hungry...
    the pic u shot yourself?
    nice picture~

  3. i love starbucks!
    but only dare to buy after CNY coz get enough of angpow money d.. hehe ^-^

  4. haha...the pic is took from the web. May be next time i will try to shot also. good idea=)

    Some people will think the starbucks coffees are very expensive. I also have the same thinking last time. But when we really know starbucks well, we will know it worth to buy the coffee there.

    Anyway, I will introduce more about this brand and my experiences.

  5. So long time no go there drink coffee...
    need to get some time to go there relaxing and drink some coffee ^.^

  6. nice picture and nice coffee,hehe...
    starbucks quite pricey for me,so i seldom go there drink coffee..haha..anyway,hope that u further introduce more about starbucks ︿ ︿

  7. i like the environment there where suitable for online and reading.

  8. wow, ur blog is rili cool..~ keep it up..~!

  9. I like starbuck because of it nice and comfortable environment. Good and tasty coffee of course is their main reason that I visit starbuck. Anyway, thanks for the share ^^

  10. cristy ... first of all try not to put too tempting pictures, it makes me hungry and thirsty for.. Your pictures are like REAL !! anyway Starbucks is one of my fav. places, so, .. Long Live Starbucks!!